SysProtect Desktop Shield
The Official Website

What Is It?
SysProtect is a freeware utility that resides in the Windows system tray along the bottom right of your screen. It gives you the ability to lock down your Windows 9x workstation just as you could with newer versions of Windows .

Additional Features
Additional features include ability to display your screensaver after it has password-protected your machine for you, along with allowing you to specify a time interval for automatically protecting your system after a given amount of idle time.

With this latest version, you can now use your own favorite images as your screen wallpapers while your machine is locked down!

Download the Latest Version Free!
Now available for download is SysProtect Desktop Shield v2.0! This release fixes some reported bugs with version 1.2 as mentioned by you the users, as well as containing new features such as allowing the use of custom .gif and .jpg images to be used as your screen wallpaper while your computer is locked!

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Download the install file. (File size: 3.03MB)

To install, simply download and extract this zip file and run the new installer package contained within.

The application comes with it's own help file with detailed usage instructions. Also note, that I am not responsible for any damages caused by running it.

Having said that, I am using this program every day without any problems, (so it will at least have one faithful user!)