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Seven ways to improve communication skills

Effective communication skills are essential to organizational success; this should come as no surprise to anyone. However, most people fail to realize the importance of improving upon their own communication skills.

An interesting article from PaulsTips offers seven straightforward ways that these important skills can be improved upon.

The seven strategies are:
  1. Keep the message simple
  2. Know your audience and its level of expertise on your topic
  3. Communicate with sincerity
  4. Don't confuse your audience and your message with big words when simpler words will do
  5. Personalize your message; make it one-on-one
  6. Brevity is key: keep your message short and to the point
  7. Respect your audience; don't talk down to them!
The article is a quick read, yet it contains valuable information on how to improve one's communication style. Read it here.

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