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How to sell: Developing the killer instinct

Jason Steadman, sales executive and CEO of Entronics USA, has compiled a list of ways that describe how he has found success in selling his company's products and services to other organizations.

The advice he provides is a culmination of the experiences and lessons he has learned from a Special Forces officer named Kurt Semko. Steadman suggests that in order to achieve sales success, one must:
  • Be creative by looking for new opportunities for business
  • Look for ways to help your potential clients, and not just try and sell to them
  • Don't try to oversell your products or services; only sell them what they need
  • Learn to read people - a very important (and attainable) skill for any sales person
  • Don't show off; nobody likes a braggart!
One of the more interesting points in the article is that it is inevitable that you will fail before you succeed; in fact, you pretty much have to fail before you can succeed according to Steadman, who compares this aspect of selling with a player at bat in baseball:
"What matters is moving on, making the necessary adjustments, and stepping up to face the next client believing that you will close the deal."
I recommend this article by Steadman which contains a brief foreward by author Joseph Finder, whose book Killer Instinct is based upon Steadman's real-life success stories. The complete article is available here for you to read.

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